Solo exhibition  “TEINE”
@ Hop Gallery , Tallinn, Estonia 26/09 – 15/10/2013

Teine is a conceptual site-specific installation featuring an energetic space consisting of
26 000 meters of 6000 hand-cut and hand tied hanging viscose threads.

Teine video by AER

The Estonian title “Teine” translates into two meanings – second and other, which in one hand has a simple purpose – it’s Ilison’s second solo exhibition. On the other hand is the author referring to the group of outcast, different from the mass, feeling of being misunderstood, exclusion and loneliness.

Marit Ilison: “Although we are constantly connected and overloaded with information, loneliness has become one of the greatest problems of our times and everyone knows the feeling of “no-one understands”. Being in the middle of everything, at the same time feeling so lonely. An average person thinks about 60 000-80 000 thoughts a day, which I see as a huge space between a person and the World. Sometimes it’s a barrier of haunting thoughts, sometimes a space full of options. I’m interested if and how could we experience that so-called no-space between us and the World. “


Sound by Lauri-Dag Tüür
The exhibition was supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment, Vahur Kets, Lincona, Sadolin and 7SILVERMENINCOATS.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to set up the installation: Linda Aasaru, Triin Loosaar, Danel Kanter, Peeter Mikk, Kätlin Luht, Roosi Keva, Grete Mai Keert, Katrin Ilison, Eve Kukk, Johanna Mägin and Gunnar Kurusk.