Exhibition “70 Cotton Smocks” @  Estonian Applied Arts and Design Museum
24/11/2012 – 03/02/2013
Supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment, Sadolin, Estonian Make-Up Artist Foundation, AVON, HAIR Chic and Agt Stuudio/Tervise Catering

Project page: 70cottonsmocks.tumblr.com

What started as simple white dresses on a dozen of models turned out to be a piece of fashion-art in the very best of it. At first I thought something is wrong with my eyes as suddenly the white dresses seemed a bit pinkish. Only then I realized the dresses are really changing and slowly becoming lilac. Right after it the cycle of colour changed once more only now from purple to bright white.
– Whimsicalagnesiga

Photos: Liisa Põder, Marin Sild, Whimsical Agnesia