“When everything looks so supernaturally delicious, sweet like a sin, how is one supposed to choose?” whispered the woman to the man, leaning at his shoulder. “We’ll have this one there,” the man finally said to the baker and smiled at the woman next to him. Mr. Red slightly bowed and turned to pack the fresh rhubarb cake topped with juicy strawberries. “It smells like love at first sight,” the woman said to Mr. Red’s back. Radio played smooth ballroom jazz. “Why do they have so much ginger everywhere?” she asked. “Oh, I feel quite passionate, you?” said the man, touching her. She revised her hair. Their glances met. Mr. Red smiled to himself. He kindled the pine branch and sweet smoke filled the boulangerie. Mr. Red then turned to the lovers with the carefully packed cake in his hand. She felt shivers running down her spine. He didn’t know that Mr. Red could see with his nape.