Proud to invite you to the premiere of 7SILVERMENINCOATS creative platform in Tallinn.

7SILVERMENINCOATS is a creative platform created by multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer Marit Ilison telling the story of 7SILVERMENINCOATS brotherhood.

Flowing in the river of change, 7SILVERMENINCOATS unveils the mystery of seven travelers that have come from the Light to prepare the mankind for the Shift. Each of the men have their profile based on their color, which describes their knowledge, wisdom and magical powers. Approaching the clothing as pieces of art, embracing the soul of dedicated craftsmanship and diving in magic, 7SILVERMENINCOATS menswear is focusing on soft tailored cuts, precisely considered details, semiotic mysteries and traditional beliefs. There is nothing fast about 7SILVERMENINCOATS. It is meant for slow enjoyment. Detail by detail. Let the clothes by 7SILVERMENINCOATS become your close friends who will stay around for a long time. Join us at this celebration of bright inner light!

7SILVERMENINCOATS  space installation “METS” @ HOP gallery, Hobusepea 2, Tallinn
Open Thu-Tue 10-18, closed on Wednesdays