Idea, supervision, AD & style for experimental form course IDEAFORM:PAPER
@ Estonian Academy of Arts, 2012

In 2011 Marit Ilison initiated a new experimental course at the Fashion Design department at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her wish was to combine her two favourites - concepts and construction eg. ideas and form, hence the name IDEA FORM (Ideevorm in Estonian). The vision was to courage the freshmen to experiment without fear and also provide them with a set of design tools that could be used at any future design task. Students were free to find their idea for the concept, but had all to use the same material under a common theme.

The 2012 edition was supported and carried out in collaboration with paper supplier Antalis Estonia and students created collection for their 20th anniversary. White versions of the costumes were later made and presented for Stalker 2012 festival.

Photos by Maiken Staak. MUAH: Mammu. Model: Alina (MJ Models).
Participating students: Kati Stimmer, Kerti Pahk, Karl Keskla, Eelin Lepik, Marion Piirmets, Anna Babošina, Jelena Rumyantseva, Birgitta Silberg, Maria Kahnweiler, Janar Juhkov, Leelo-Mai Aunbaum, Triin Uibo.

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