The silently speaking Black Heart collection started form my personal habits and wish to spread love. I used to end my written notes with heart sign and when e-mail came, I added it to the end of my letters. Then I designed my own heart shape and it somehow materialised in the form of stickers. And then I wanted to
have a sweatshirt with a big heart.
I’m pretty introverted and I don’t wear slogans or labels, but this heart just felt comfortable and silently speaking. And I just love the idea that with every heart beat love is multiplied and spread to the world!

Marit Ilison


The Black Heart Collection is about taking care of yourself in small acts – to create moments that make you subconsciously smile every day. Because you don’t have to be a superhero or magician to make the world a better place. You can make it by being yourself. Sticking to who you are and being proud of it. It takes just little things. Step by step. One heart beat, one caress and one smile at a time. 

Feel the love, Wear the love, Spread the love!

VELOUR & oxytocin

The very first hand-drawn Black Heart sweatshirt was made in 2014 by Marit for herself. It featured soft grey velour, which has been the core fabric of our collection ever since, because, as Marit puts it: ”It’s naturally something that you would want to touch because you know it will create a good feeling.” Touching velour releases oxytocin – the so-called love and happiness hormone that works as a neurotransmitter, helping to reduce pain, blood pressure, anxiety, cortisol levels and protects us from stress. Researchers also claim that oxytocin makes us better people, more trusting and emphatic


Our new campaign features 6 wonderful Heart Ambassadors who have been invited by Marit for the reason that they have touched or inspired her in one way or another. All of them are wonderful and passionate people, leaders in their fields, sincerely inspiring others by being who they are. Welcome –writer Eia Uus, coach Astrid Johanna Grents, podcaster Sandra Raju, writer Paavo Piik, restaurateur Kristjan Peäske, and entrepreneur Peeter Ilison.


We believe that when we take care of ourselves, we can also be more caring and kind towards everything and everyone around us. We are a small atelier and sustainability has been a default measure for us since starting the business in 2013. We are always aiming for the least waste and taking care of our artisans. All Black Heart Collection items are produced on demand in our brand new atelier in Tallinn and we use compostable packaging for both – in-house packaging and shipping. We also donate 1€ of each product sale to mental health organisation

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