Päris interior

Artistic direction, atmosphere, furniture and interior design for Päris bakery-deli-restaurant at SKYON, Maakri 30 in Tallinn, Estonia. Opened in August 2021.

Directed by Bocuse d'Or chef Vladislav Djatšuk, the unique Päris concept of restaurant, bakery, and deli is located on the ground floor the newest high-rise building SKYON in Tallinn. Marit Ilison was invited to create chic space yet cozy, warm, passionate, and abundant with cool details and twists.  

I also felt a strong need for tenderness as this perfectly reflects Vlad’s character, but not in a weak way, but as in utmost passion towards your work - and you are passionate, you are also tender with your subject. 
- Marit Ilison

Marit's love for contrast creates a beautiful dialogue between different materials and surfaces - matte green walls, shiny ceramic tiles, funky patterned floor, antique brass, and classical Parisian details. All of the furniture is custom designed by Ilison, topped up with some exceptional antique and vintage finds.

Marit is well known for giving disregarded items a new and bright life. In Päris she designed arch-shaped window lamps, using milky vintage glass globes that were once used in Estonian National Opera.

By the front window, one can find bellflower-shaped vintage soviet pendant lights that have been recreated with brand new brass details just after they had been saved from demolition at a construction site.

Photos by Terje Ugandi

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