Lore Interior

Atmosphere, furniture and interior design for
Lore Bistroo at Kai Art Centre in Tallinn, Estonia.

Opened in October 2019.

LORE is a family-friendly community bistro in the newly opened Kai Art Centre in Noblessner Port, Tallinn, offering delicious food for sharing and excellent service. Lore was created from "scratch" into an old Noblessner factory’s vessel systems department. The building, which is a national heritage site, was restored and renovated in 2019.

For the interior the aim was to create a truly cosy, warm and welcoming atmosphere, where one can find different textures, colors and surfaces to be visually enjoyed next to the food and service. Warm-hued tiles, wood and soft velvets are combined with aged and rustic walls bringing together old and new. All furniture is designed by Marit Ilison and custom made for Lore Bistro. 

Photos by Terje Ugandi, Stina Vürmer and Marit Ilison Creative Atelier.

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