The name  Lúmine is a derivation from a word "ILLUMINE" which means both – physical phenomenon and spiritual enlightenment.

"Based on different scientific theories like String Theory, Copenhagen Interpretation by Niels Bohr and esoteric points of view I am convinced that everything that surrounds us is a mere illusion. Although we can agree by consensus on somethings appearance, we can not be sure if this thing has the same form and appearance while we’re not watching and the object isn’t being observed. Therefore the entity of all humans and objects is questionable. I find that trends and fashion itself are the first and easiest mediums for creating this illusion. Illusion that hides one’s true and unique inner world and self – something I find to be most important. I find that it is unfair to judge people by their look, it only shows that we have fallen for the illusion."

Collection Lúmine is a depiction of the human body in a dimension where the illusion of clothes and the cult of the body has been removed and the body’s essence is spiritual enlightenment that disregards seasonal trends.

It’s the spirituality that counts, not the look.

Lúmine is a multidisciplinary project which started as a MA thesis involving conceptual fashion, costume design, dance performance, space installation and music. It has been presented at STRP 2010 festival in Eindhoven, Plektrum 2009 and STALKER 2012 festivals in Tallinn. Lúmine is an ongoing project looking for a full experience production opportunities.

Photos by Maiken Staak and Tanel Veenre.

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