TEINE Collection

Ready-to-wear collection TEINE, 2013

Marit Ilison’s eponymous ready-to-wear collection is about feeling good and comfortable always and everywhere. It is inspired by her amazing multitasking friends who run from dusty film sets in the morning to book premiers in the evening and create tons of miracles in between. Not labeling the collections by seasons and abandoning trends, these are pieces to stay around for a long time, taking time to live and enjoy slowly.

“I see my clothes as good friends – the ones that take good care of you and the ones you love and care about. The collection is created with highest attention to cuts and materials, and it is always about good and comfortable fit and feeling, supporting you from within. I love small hidden details, like using soft silky lining in the pockets – when you slip your hand into the pocket, it brings smile to your face and let’s the inner beauty shine. It is not about clothes, it is about you! ”

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Photos by Maiken Staak.

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